SpatialExperiment is a Bioconductor class designed to represent spatially resolved transcriptomics data.

The SpatialExperiment package is available from Bioconductor.

A vignette containing examples and documentation is available from the Bioconductor page.


The SpatialExperiment package can be installed using standard Bioconductor installation procedures. For more details, see the Bioconductor website.


Paper and citation

Additional details are provided in our paper:

Righell D.*, Weber L.M.*, Crowell H.L.*, Pardo B., Collado-Torres L., Ghazanfar S., Lun A.T.L., Hicks S.C.+, and Risso D.+ (2021), SpatialExperiment: infrastructure for spatially resolved transcriptomics data in R using Bioconductor, bioRxiv, 2021.01.27.428431v1

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