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General helper functions for dealing with \R objects/data types

add_columns-methodsAdd columns to a 'data.frame' or 'matrix'
add_repositorypoint R to an additional package repository
alleqAre all values equal?
binary.swapswap the 1's and 0's around
cat.matrixPrint a matrix to stdout.
cbind.listcolumn bind the elements in a list together.
cbind.smartA smarter cbind
choose.pairsall pairwise combinations from n
choose.triosall unique combinations of 3 elements from n
clean.tempdirFunction to delete all of the files in the tempdir.
cm2inchConvert centimetres to inches
colapplyapply FUN to columns
colclassesGet/set the column classes of matrix-like data
collapse.rowscollapse rows
collatecollate data together
colMaxcolumn-wise maximum
colMincolumn-wise minimum
colSDStandard deviation of each column
column2rownamesmove columns/rows to col/rownames & back again
count.nacount the number of NA's
count.nullcount the number of NULL's
crossplatform.unzipUnzip a zip archive file Unzip a zip archive file,...
debug2Debug a function, controlled by a boolean
density_tridensity triangles
dir.Rdatadir listing of R data objects
dir.removeRemove directories that are not empty.
dir.sameAre 2 directories the same?
dir.sizedirectory size This determines the size of a directory by...
dir.sortsort files in a directory numerically
dRangeWhat is the delta-range, ie the distance between min and max?
duplicate.indicesFor all of the duplicates in x, return the indices for each...
evenCheck whether a vector or matrix of numbers are even.
file.gunzipgunzip a file.
file.gzipgzip a file.
file.isgzipIs the file a gzip file?
file.issymlinkis the file a symbolic link?
file.movemove files into a directory
file.numlinesnumber of lines in a txt file
ftpdirdirectory listing of an FTP directory.
get.charget a specific character from a word
get.full.pathExpand a file path to an absolute path
has.namesdoes the object have names?
interleave.columnsinterleave the columns from multiple tables
intersectNIntersection of multiple vectors This function extends...
is.alnumis alphanumeric?
is.alphais alphabetical?
is.dirIs the given path a file or directory?
is.intChecks which elements of a vector are integers.
is.matrix.likeis x a 'matrix' or 'data.frame'?
is.sortedTest if an Object is Sorted
is.uniqueare the elements in x all unique?
is.urlWhich entries are URL's.
keyval2hashtableConvert a vector of keys and values to a hashtable Take a...
lbindBind any number of lists together Bind the elements within N...
lgrepgrep for a pattern in a list of values.
list2adjmatConvert a list to an adjacency matrix
list2dfConvert list of vectors to data.frame
list2RscriptArgsconvert a named list of name=value pairs into properly quoted...
lookUpgeneric key lookUp Generic function to look up keys in a...
merge_tsvmerge tsv files
mgrepmulti-grep methods
midpointsDetermine the midpoints between a vector of numbers
mkdirManipulaton of Directories and File Permissions
move.columnReorder a column, or block of columns from within a...
na.rmremove the 'NA's from a vector
oddCheck whether a vector or matrix of numbers are odd.
one2manyconvert one2many and many2one
padPad a number with leading zeros
padNAmake a ragged list uniform in length
paste0Concatenate strings
pbcopyWrite a vector to the OSX clipboard
pbpastePaste the OSX clipboard into a character vector
peekA function to show first 5 rows and col of data
percentilepercentile & quartile
perl.onelinerexecute a perl one liner
pkgrepfind matching package names using grep
prettyNumprettyNum for matrices and tables
print.vennA printed representation of a 2D venn diagram
pwdWrapper for getwd()
qnQuick quit.
range_mergemerge a set of numbers into a range.
rbind.listrbind the elements in a list together.
rbind.smartA smarter rbind 'rbind' 2 matrix-like-objects even if they...
readLinereadLine, and split on character
read.table.fastread.delim fast, on a subset of columns
read.table.wideRead a very wide table (ie many columns) into a data.frame
recycleVariable recycler
rename.columnRename column(s) within a table.
replace.cellsreplace the values in a table
rep_listrepeat x N times to make an N element list
rm.naremove NA's from an object
rotRotate values
rowapplyapply FUN to rows
rowMADApply the mad function to each row of a matrix-like object
rowMaxrow-wise maximum
rowMedianWhat is the median in each row?
rowMinrow-wise minimum
rowPasteConvert rows in a table to a character vector, where each...
rowRangeWhat is the range of values in each row?
rowSDStandard deviation of each row
rowVarVariance of each row
scale2Function to linearly scale a vector of numbers (x) to be...
setwidthset the width of the current display set the width of the...
sort-methodssorting or ordering more complex objects
sortnumsort numerically
sort_patternpattern sorting a vector
sourcedirsource all the .R files in a directory
sourcelogSource all of the functions that are in a log file
split_into_batchessplit x into N batches each of a specific size.
squashWarningsCatch any warnings & convert them to messages
strcatconcatenate a bunch of strings
str_endsFrom a character vector of length >= 1, determine the first...
strip.fileextensionStrip the file extension Strip the three letter file...
strlenLength of each string in a vector.
subdirs.sameAre the subdirs that are named to same actually identical
suniquesort and uniquify a vector
suppressWarnings2Warning messages
symmetriciseMake a pair symmetrical Convert a vector of 2 values into...
Sys.greplineWhich lines do various patterns exist on?
table2hashtableConvert a table to a hashtable Take a table with a...
threshold.distance.matrixthreshold a distance matrix
time_diffDetermines the difference between two time points generated...
to.alnumconvert to alphanumeric
to.char.arrayconvert a word into a character vector
tocsvConvert a vector x into a comma separated character(1).
trimTrim the whitespace from front and back of the words in a...
trunctruncate the values in a vector
twodmatchExtension of '%in%' for value matching in 1D or 2D objects
ucountsHow many times does each term in x appear?
unduplicateunduplicate elements in a vector
unionNUnion of 2 or more vectors
vecmergeMerge a vector and a data.frame
vector2hashtableConvert a vector to a hashtable Take a vector of words, and...
which.percentileFor a numeric vector x, return which percentile each data...
which.quartileFor a numeric vector x, return which quartile each data point...
write.delimWrite a matrix-like object as a tab-delimited txt file.
write.delim.listExport a list of single tables into the same tab delimited...
writeLines.listWrite a list of vectors out to a file
write.venn.2D.xlsWrite a 2D Venn diagram to an Excel file
write.venn.3D.xlsWrite a 3D Venn diagram to an Excel file. Compare 3 vectors,...
zeros-onesMatlab wrappers
zipCreate a zip archive.
zipdirzip the contents of a directory.
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