Man pages for droglenc/fishWiDNR
Support for Wisconsin DNR Fisheries Analyses

changeFMDBNamesChange type of variable names in Wi Fish Management Data
fishWiDNRSupport for WiDNR fisheries analyses.
GrowthSum14Summarized length-at-age data by species and season for all...
LRIBIComputes the Wisconsin large rivers IBI
LRIBI_AppendixAAppendix A from Lyons et al. (2001).
LRIBI_EcoregionsEcoregions for Wisconsin counties.
LRIBI_Table3Table 3 from Lyons et al. (2001).
read.FMDBRead CSV of WiDNR Fish Management Data.
setFMDBClassesSet classes for variables in WiDNR Fish Management Data.
VarLookupLookup table for long, long with a period, and short WiDNR...
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