Man pages for eberlejonas/TaxCI
Calculate the Consistency Index and the Retention Index for taxonomic data

BCClusterBarcode clustering
CarabidaeExample dataset of carabid beetles
findInClustersSearch for clusters matching a given pattern
internalInternal TaxCI-functions
makeTableSummary tables for TaxCI-analyses
noMorphospeciesGet number of morphospecies in dataset
parse_mPTPParse mPTP output for use with TaxCI
plotParamBCCGet indices for barcode-cluster plotting
plotParamTCIGet indices for tci plotting.
TaxCI-packageTools for checking the integrity of DNA-barcode data
TaxCIplotTaxCI plotting
TaxCIsummaryStatistics of a TaxCI-analysis
tciCalculate the Consistency Index and the Retention Index for...
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