Man pages for ecor/geotopOptim2
An R Plug-in to calibrate soil moisture output of the Distributed Hydrological Model GEOtop

aggregateVarExtract variable from an object returend by...
approxfunDataFrameInterpolation on the soil layers
extract.geotop.value.fromMapGetting values from a GEOtop Simulation Map
geotopExecExecution of GEOtop Hydrological Model
geotopGOFGEOtop Goodnes of fit
geotopLookUpTableRead point output from GEOtop for verification of the model...
geotopPSOGEOtop calibration through Particle Swam Optimization
gofgWrapper function for hydroGOF::gof function
integratefunDataFrameIntegration on the soil layers
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