Man pages for ehrlichd/moRphomenses
Align, Scale, and Visualize "Shape" of Menstrual Cycle Hormones

mm_ArrayDataArray Data
mm_BuildModelBuild, implement, visualize multivariate linear model.
mm_CalcShapespaceDefine Shapespace of aligned dataset.
mm_CheckImputationCheck Imputation
mm_ColorLeavesColor leves of a dendrogram
mm_CompModelCompare Model Metrics
mm_CompModel_FullCompare Complex Model Metrics
mm_dataSample hormone dataset
mm_diagnosticsRun a suite of diagnostic analysis/plots
mm_ellipseAdd confidence ellipses to a scatterplot.
mm_FillMissingImpute Missing Data
mm_FlattenArrayFlatten Array
mm_get_intervalCreate equallly spaced intervals.
mm_grp_distsDistance from Centroid
mm_grps_PlotArrayPlot Arrays of groups
mm_mute_colsTake a color and modify it
mm_PhenotypeGenerate Phenotypes
mm_PlotArrayPlot Array Plot individuals and optionally mean form
mm_pretty_pcaPlot Calendar Days
mm_ScreePlotScree Plot
mm_SilPlotSilouhete Width Plot
mm_transf_geomGeometric Scaling
mm_transf_lognatural log transform
mm_transf_log10Common log transform
mm_transf_minmaxMin-Max Scaling
mm_transf_zscoreZ scores
mm_VizModelVisualize Multivariate LM
mm_VizShapespaceVisualize PC axes
moRphomensesGeometric Morphometric Analysis of Hormone Cycle Phenotypes
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