Man pages for elagralinska/APLpackage
Association Plots

aplAssociation Plot
apl_coordsCalculate Association Plot coordinates
apl_scoreFind rows most highly associated with a condition
apl_topGORun Gene overrepresentation analysis with topGO
as.cacompCreate cacomp object from Seurat/SingleCellExperiment...
as.list-cacomp-methodConvert cacomp object to list.
ca_3DplotPlot of the first 3 CA dimensions.
ca_biplotPlot of the first 2 CA dimensions.
cacompCorrespondance Analysis
cacomp-classAn S4 class that contains all elements needed for CA.
ca_coordsCalculate correspondence analysis row and column coordinates.
check_cacompCheck if cacomp object was correctly created.
comp_std_residualsCompute Standard Residuals
is.emptyHelper function to check if object is empty.
pick_dimsCompute statistics to help choose the number of dimensions
pipePipe operator
plot_enrichmentGenerates plot for results from apl_topGO
recomputeRecompute missing values of cacomp object.
rm_zerosremoves 0-only rows and columns in a matrix.
runAPLCompute and plot Association plot
run_cacompInternal function for 'cacomp'
scree_plotScree Plot
show.cacompPrints cacomp object
subset_dimsSubset dimensions of a caobj
var_rowsFind most variable rows
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