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Utilities for Scoring and Assessing Predictions

abs_errorAbsolute Error
add_coverageAdd coverage of central prediction intervals
ae_median_quantileAbsolute Error of the Median (Quantile-based Version)
ae_median_sampleAbsolute Error of the Median (Sample-based Version)
available_metricsAvailable metrics in scoringutils
avail_forecastsDisplay Number of Forecasts Available
bias_quantileDetermines Bias of Quantile Forecasts
bias_rangeDetermines Bias of Quantile Forecasts
bias_sampleDetermines bias of forecasts
brier_scoreBrier Score
check_equal_lengthCheck Length
check_forecastsCheck forecasts
check_metricsCheck whether the desired metrics are available in...
check_not_nullCheck Variable is not NULL
check_predictionsCheck Prediction Input For Lower-level Scoring Functions
check_summary_paramsCheck input parameters for 'summarise_scores()'
check_true_valuesCheck Observed Value Input For Lower-level Scoring Functions
collapse_messagesCollapse several messages to one
compare_two_modelsCompare Two Models Based on Subset of Common Forecasts
correlationCorrelation Between Metrics
crps_sampleRanked Probability Score
delete_columnsDelete Columns From a Data.table
dss_sampleDawid-Sebastiani Score
example_binaryBinary Forecast Example Data
example_continuousContinuous Forecast Example Data
example_integerInteger Forecast Example Data
example_pointPoint Forecast Example Data
example_quantileQuantile Example Data
example_quantile_forecasts_onlyQuantile Example Data - Forecasts only
example_truth_onlyTruth data only
find_duplicatesFind duplicate forecasts
geom_mean_helperCalculate Geometric Mean
get_forecast_unitGet unit of a single forecast
get_prediction_typeGet prediction type of a forecast
get_target_typeGet type of the target true values of a forecast
infer_rel_skill_metricInfer metric for pairwise comparisons
interval_scoreInterval Score
logs_binaryLog Score for Binary outcomes
log_shiftLog transformation with an additive shift
logs_sampleLogarithmic score
mad_sampleDetermine dispersion of a probabilistic forecast
make_NAMake Rows NA in Data for Plotting
merge_pred_and_obsMerge Forecast Data And Observations
metricsSummary information for selected metrics
pairwise_comparisonDo Pairwise Comparisons of Scores
pairwise_comparison_one_groupDo Pairwise Comparison for one Set of Forecasts
permutation_testSimple permutation test
pitProbability Integral Transformation (data.frame Format)
pit_sampleProbability Integral Transformation (sample-based version)
plot_avail_forecastsVisualise Where Forecasts Are Available
plot_correlationPlot Correlation Between Metrics
plot_heatmapCreate a Heatmap of a Scoring Metric
plot_interval_coveragePlot Interval Coverage
plot_pairwise_comparisonPlot Heatmap of Pairwise Comparisons
plot_pitPIT Histogram
plot_predictionsPlot Predictions vs True Values
plot_quantile_coveragePlot Quantile Coverage
plot_rangesPlot Metrics by Range of the Prediction Interval
plot_score_tablePlot Coloured Score Table
plot_wisPlot Contributions to the Weighted Interval Score
print.scoringutils_checkPrint output from 'check_forecasts()'
quantile_scoreQuantile Score
quantile_to_range_longChange Data from a Plain Quantile Format to a Long Range...
range_long_to_quantileChange Data from a Range Format to a Quantile Format
sample_to_quantileChange Data from a Sample Based Format to a Quantile Format
sample_to_range_longChange Data from a Sample Based Format to a Long Interval...
scoreEvaluate forecasts
score_binaryEvaluate forecasts in a Binary Format
score_quantileEvaluate forecasts in a Quantile-Based Format
score_sampleEvaluate forecasts in a Sample-Based Format (Integer or...
scoringutils-packagescoringutils: Utilities for Scoring and Assessing Predictions
se_mean_sampleSquared Error of the Mean (Sample-based Version)
squared_errorSquared Error
summarise_scoresSummarise scores as produced by 'score()'
theme_scoringutilsScoringutils ggplot2 theme
transform_forecastsTransform forecasts and observed values
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