Man pages for epurdom/cancerTiming
Estimation of Temporal Ordering of Cancer Abnormalities

alleleFreqGet allele frequencies for tumor data
bootstrapEventTimingBootstrap the results of eventTiming
eventTimingEstimate the time of events in tumor data
eventTimingOverListeventTiming for multiple samples and regions
hg19chromosomesDefinitions of the p,q, and centromeres of chromosomes
labelSegHelper functions for plotting
makeEventHistoryCreate the event history matrix
mleAFEstimate the most likely allele frequency
multidensityplot multiple density functions on top of each other
mut2SegAlign mutations to segments
mutDataExample Mutation Data
plotAlleleByPositionPlot allele frequencies by position
plotAlleleDensityPlot density/histogram of allele frequencies
plotCopiesplot segmentation values against each other
plotPi0Confidence intervals for pi[0]
plotSegmentationplot segmentation(s) against positions
plotSeqCountBasic function for plotting the ratio of tumor to normal...
readSimulationSimulate reads based on an event matrix
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