Man pages for ericwatt/eapath
Computational Models for Estrogen and Androgen Receptor Activity

afr_vaFunction minimized in model
ar_L5_invitrodbAR ToxCast Data
ar_L5_invitrodb_viabilityAR Viability ToxCast Data
AUCcalcCalculate the area under the curve
er_L5_prod_ext_v2ER ToxCast Data
er_modelCalculate the least squares solution for one chemical
er_model_lightER Model Light
er_model_light_groupedER Model Light Grouped
prepCR'prepCR' preps the concentration-response matrix for a single...
receptor_scoreReceptor Score
tcpl_to_model_datCast tcpl output to model format
tcpl_to_model_dat_bootCast tcpl output to model format
via_filterFilter hit calls in AR dataset by antagonist viability
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