P_likelihood: Compute likelihoods for populations of origin

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Compute likelihoods for populations of origin


P_likelihood(snp_zeroes, snp_ones, genos, lambda)



Matrix of counts of the "zero" allele at L SNPs in P populations. This is an L x P integer matrix where L is the number of SNP loci and P is the number of populations in the baseline. The observed number of 0 alleles at locus j in population p is snp_zeroes[j,p]


Same as above, but for the 1 allele at each SNP.


Matrix of the genotypes of N individuals at each of the L loci. Genotypes are represented as the number of "1" alleles. This is an L x N integer matrix. The genotype of the ith individual at the locus j is genos(j,i).


The parameter of the beta distribution for the frequency of the "1" allele.


Returns a P x N numeric matrix which contains the the probabilities the individuals originate from certain populations. The probability that the ith originated from population p is ouput(p,i).

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