Man pages for fboehm/pleio
Likelihood ratio test to distinguish pleiotropy from linkage

assemble_VeAssemble into a matrix Ve from fit1_bvlmm() output
assemble_VgAssemble into a matrix Vg from fit1_bvlmm() output
calc_det_rssCalculate determinants of cross-product of residuals matrices
calc_ll_bvlmmCalculate log-likelihood for a bivariate LMM
calc_lodCalculate LODs - two profile and one joint - for two traits
calc_resCalculate an array of residuals using Haley-Knott regression
calc_rssOne-dimensional scan over a region of interest using only...
calc_rss_oneCalculate RSS for a single locus and a single trait
fit1_bvlmmFit a 2-locus, multivariate trait linear mixed effects model
hk_residualsCalculate residuals with Haley-Knott regression
prep_phenoPrepare phenotype for use with scan functions
sim_phenoSimulate phenotypes from genotype data
sim_pheno2Simulate two phenotypes simultaneously
sim_pheno_lmmSimulate bivariate phenotype with incorporation of random...
stagger_matsStagger two matrices of same size within a larger,...
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