API for ffeng23/SPRATS
An R package to do Two state modelling of SPR data

Global functions
CheckModelValidity Man page
CheckModelValidity,ConformationalSelectionModel-method Man page
CheckModelValidity,InducedFitModel-method Man page
CheckModelValidity,LangmuirModel-method Man page
CheckModelValidity,TwoStateModel-method Man page
ConformationalSelectionModel Man page Source code
ConformationalSelectionModel-class Man page
FitTwoStateSPR Man page Source code
GetObservedRUs Man page Source code
InducedFitModel Man page Source code
InducedFitModel-class Man page
LangmuirModel Man page Source code
LangmuirModel-class Man page
ReadSensorgramData Man page Source code
SPRATS Man page
SPRATS-package Man page
SaveSPRData Man page Source code
SensorgramData-class Man page
Simulate Man page
Simulate,ConformationalSelectionModel-method Man page
Simulate,InducedFitModel-method Man page
Simulate,LangmuirModel-method Man page
Simulate,TwoStateModel-method Man page
TwoStateModel Man page Source code
TwoStateModel-class Man page
plot,SensorgramData-method Man page
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