Man pages for fischer-fjd/RconTroll
Package for individual-based forest growth simulator TROLL (wip)

buildBuild TROLL
compareSimCompare parameters of two or more TROLL simulations
initParameters initialization
inventoryFromDataCreate inventory
inventoryFromOutputCreate inventory from output
loadOutputFunction to load TROLL output
loadOutputOldFunction to load TROLL output of old disturbance module...
loadStackload simulation stack
plot.TROLLsimPlot TROLL simulations stack
print.TROLLsimFunction to print or show TROLL outputs.
runRun TROLL
stack.TROLLsimCreate TROLL simulations stack
summary.TROLLsimFunction to provide summary of TROLL outputs
TROLLsim-classAn S4 class to represent TROLL outputs
TROLLsimstack-classAn S4 class to represent TROLL outputs
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