Man pages for fischuu/hoardeR
Collect and Retrieve Annotation Data for Various Genomic Data Using Different Webservices

blastSeqSending Genomic Sequences to NCBI Blast service
exportBedExporting a Bed File.
exportFAExporting a Fasta File.
findSpeciesSearch in the 'species” Object.
getAnnotationDownloading or Importing of Annotation Data
getEnsgInfoRetrieve Gene Information From the NCBI Database.
getFastaFromBedGet fasta information based on locations in bed-format
getGeneLocationExtracting Gene Locations
getGeneSeqExtracting a gene sequence from NCBI database.
hoardeR-packageCollect and Retrieve Annotation Data for Various Genomic Data...
importBedImporting a Bed File.
importBlastTabImport a Tab Delimited Blast Output File
importFAImporting a Fasta File.
importXMLImport an XML File produced by the blastSeq function
intersectXMLAnnotIntersect XML object with annotation object
plotHitVisualization of a cross-species hit
print.faPrint an fa Object
speciesAvailable species at NCBI
subDoseRewrite the Dose File from a Beagle Output
subGprobsRewrite the Gprobs File from a Beagle Output
subPhasedRewrite the Phased File from a Beagle Output
summary.faSummarize an fa Object
tableSpeciesTables the species in xml file
targetScanRetrieving miRNA target information from
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