Man pages for floatofmath/bt88.03.704
floats MSI utility function

bt88.03.704-packagefloat's utility functions Some useful little functions that...
cornerShow upper left corner of a matrix
count_significantcount significant genes
expressionLinesExpression line plots
filterDGEFilter DGE
fit.edgeredgeR wrapper
fit.limmaWrapper script for lmFit, and ebayes
groupwiseScattergroupwise Scatter plots
heatslideHeatmap with dotplot like visualization of effect sizes
html_statementHTML Statistical Statement
list_foldList fold (reduce)
makeUCSClinkUCSC Browser link
mclapply2##' Wrapper around mclapply to track progress Based on...
move_to_frontMove columns to front
multiplotPlot several ggplot objects in one device
myTopTagsTop Tags from edgeR analysis
newest_vfileNewest (versioned) file
normDistDistance between raw and normalized data
pdDistpaired distances
plot_limmaPlot Limma
plotNormDistPlot normDist
plotTopTagsTopTag heatmap
print_limmaprint limma table
print.tbl_dfPrint tbl_df objects
readRandomread random numbers
replicate2parallel replicate with progress
RtopPrint system load and user overview
sd_confintStandard deviation confidence interval
setwdmodified setwd
vfileMake a versioned filename
volcano_plotVolcano plot
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