find_glomeruli: Finds the glomerulus associated with a PN

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Given a vector of skeleton IDs, this will find the glomerului associated with PNs, based on annotations in CATMAID.


find_glomeruli(skids, exclude = NULL)



Required; an integer or character vector of skeleton IDs


Optional; a vector of glomeruli to exclude (in the format X for glomerulus X, or the full annotation for unknown glomerulus N)


Requires the PN to be annotated with glomerulus X or unknown glomerulus N in CATMAID. Annotations of the form glomerulus X will be prioritised over unknown glomerulus N, and if there are multiples they will be joined together with a forward slash. If there are no results with either of these annotations, the string "unknown" will be returned in place of a glomerulus. Note that annotations of the form glomerulus X right|left are not considered.


A character vector of glomeruli names

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