Man pages for frank113/cmu202
Necessary Packages and Data for 36-202 at Carnegie Mellon University

airlinesAirline Delay Data
algebraRetention of algebra among adults.
bikesBike Sharing Data
calculatorData Assessing Calculator Effectiveness
cmu202-packagecmu202: Necessary Packages and Data for 36-202 at Carnegie...
colvardTest Scores for New Employees.
countriesCountries of the World
courtsCivil rights case statistics
crossMeansMeans for 2 way ANOVA
depressionDepression after an earthquake.
detergentLaundry Detergent Analysis
diseaseDisease Data
ethicsEthics Tutorial Analysis
facebook_greyGray Brain Matter and Facebook Friends
flightsRandom sample of flight times of United Airlines Flight 433.
fluFlu shot prevelance by age.
hospitalPatient Satisfaction with Hospitals.
housesHousing Data
lvList Vignettes available in the cmu202 Package
mammalsSleep, Gestation and Danger of Mammals
mumMum and Undesirable Messages
nflDraft2000 NFL Draft Data
nutritionNutrition Data
nycNew York City Housing
outlier_boundsOutlier Bounds Using K IQR
powerLoadPower Load by High Temperature
qqnQuantile-Normal Plot with Limits
restaurantRestaurant Data
socialSocial Media
swimSwimmer Confidence
vlProduce a Mapping of Available Vignettes with Titles
vvView a Vignette in the cmu202 Package
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