Man pages for frmunoz/TreeGhats
Taxonomic name resolution and phylogeny generator for Western Ghats trees

create.phyloGenerating a phylogeny of selected Western Ghats trees
qianMegaphylogeny of plants
S.PhyloMakerFunction of Qian and Jin (2016) to generate a phylogenetic...
taxocheckProvide taxonomic status of a tree names list
TPLck2Modified version of 'TPLck' indicating the number of homonyms...
TreeGhatsDataWestern Ghats tree database
TreeGhats-packageTaxonomic name resolution and phylogeny generator for Western...
TreeGhats.phyloGlobal phylogeny of the TreeGhatsData database
UPSP_SpeciesList of tree species in the Uppangala rainforest plot
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