Man pages for gbm-developers/gbm3
Generalized Boosted Regression Models

available_distributionsAvailable Distributions
baseline_hazardBaseline hazard function
calibrate_plotCalibration plot
create_distCreate distributions
distribution_nameWhat is the distribution name used here?
gbmGeneralized Boosted Regression Modeling
gbm_distGBM Distribution
gbm_morePerform additional boosting
gbm_objectGeneralized Boosted Regression Model Object
gbm-packageGeneralized Boosted Regression Models
gbmParallelControl parallelization options
gbm.perfGBMT Performance
gbm_roc_areaCompute Information Retrieval measures.
gbmt_fitGBMT fit
gbmt_performanceGet performance details for gbm fit
interactEstimate the strength of interaction effects
iteration_errorExtract errors from GBMFit objects
perf_pairwisePerformance for pairwise
permutation_relative_influenceRelative influence via permutation
plot.GBMFitMarginal plots of fitted gbm objects
plot.GBMTPerformancePlot GBM performance details
predict.GBMCVFitPredictions for CV fitted GBM models
predict.GBMFitPredict method for GBM Model Fits
pretty_gbm_treePrint gbm tree components
print.GBMFitPrint model summary
quantile_rugQuantile rug plot
relative_influenceMethods for estimating relative influence
summary.GBMFitSummary of a GBMFit object
to_old_gbmConvert GBMFit to previous gbm object
training_paramsTraining parameters
treesExtract trees from GBMFit objects
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