Man pages for genexplain/geneXplainR
An R interface for the geneXplain platform

gx.analysisExecute analysis using one of the integrated tools
gx.analysis.listLists available analysis tools
gx.analysis.parametersShows parameters for the specified analysis tool
gx.classifyChipSeqTargetsRuns the workflow _ChIP-Seq - Identify and classify target...
gx.createFolderCreate a folder
gx.createProjectCreate a new project
gx.deleteDelete a workspace item
gx.ebarraysWorkflowRuns the workflow _Compute differentially expressed genes...
gx.enrichedTFBSGenesRuns the workflow _Identify enriched motifs in promoters...
gx.enrichedUpstreamAnalysisRuns the workflow _Enriched upstream analysis (TRANSFAC(R)...
gx.existsFinds out if a function exists
gx.explainMyGenesRuns the workflow _Explain my genes_
gx.exportExports item using specified exporter
gx.exportersLists available exporters
gx.export.parametersReturns parameters defined for given export and path to...
gx.focusedUpstreamAnalysisRuns the workflow _Focused upstream analysis (TRANSFAC(R) and...
gx.getGets a table from the platform workspace
gx.importImports a file into the platform
gx.importBedFileImport a BED file
gx.importersLists available importers
gx.import.parametersReturns parameters defined for given importer and path to...
gx.importTableImport a table from a text file
gx.isElementFinds out if an item is part of a folder
gx.job.infoGets status info for a job running on the platform
gx.limmaWorkflowRuns the workflow _Compute differentially expressed genes...
gx.loginSigns into geneXplain platform
gx.logoutTerminates an existing platform session
gx.lsList contents of platform folder
gx.mapGenesToOntologiesRuns the workflow _Mapping to ontologies (Gene table)_
gx.putUploads a table to the platform
gx.searchRegulatorsRegulator search
gx.trackToGeneSetTrack to gene set
gx.upstreamAnalysisTransfacGeneWaysRuns the workflow _Upstream analysis (TRANSFAC(R) and...
gx.upstreamAnalysisTransfacTranspathRuns the workflow _Upstream analysis (TRANSFAC(R) and...
gx.vennDiagramsCreate a Venn diagram for up to three tables.
gx.workflowExecutes workflow with specified parameters
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