Man pages for gongx030/tcm
TCM visualizes trajectories and cell populations from single cell data

ctmThe correlated topic model (CTM)
gtmThe generative topograhic map
init.ThetaInitialize Theta for metacell landscape
init.Theta.20171116bInitialize metacell landscape
init.Theta.20171116cInitialize metacell landscape
jitter2Adding an Enclidean noise, x must be in a two dimensional...
ldpoislog density of Poission distribution
logitComputing y[i, j] = exp(x[i, j]) / sum(exp(x[, j]))
plot.tcmplot tcm object.
sim.rnaseq.tsSimulating time series single cell RNA-seq data
tcmVisualizing temporal scRNA-seq by topographic cell map
tcm.coreThe core function for optimizaing TCM
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