Man pages for gtsitsiridis/MetaMap
Visualization tool for the metatranscriptome project

clean_tax_tableDeal with NAs
createAppDircreate App dir Creates a directory called shiny in...
deseq2_tableDESeq2 table
diversity_testAlpha Diversity test
generateLineageGenerate Lineage
generatePhyloGenerate Phyloseq object
getAttributesPhyloseq attributes
globalDAGlobal Diversity analysis Compute the alpha diversity of each...
globalDEGlobal Differential Expression Perform DESeq2 on each group...
launchLaunch App
loadPhyloLoad phyloseq
makeSankey_linksMake Sankey links table
mfMeansMetafeature mean relative abundance table
mfPlotMetafeature plot
plot_alphaAlpha diversity plot
plot_diffDE Boxplot
plot_mdsMDS plot
plot_sankeySankey plot
plot_taxaTaxonomy Bar Chart
plot_top_speciesTop relative abundance Plot the relative abundance of the...
plot_volcanoVolcano plot
relativeCountsRelative Counts
taxids2namesTaxID to Species Transforms taxID to the corresponding...
transformDataTransform Data Convert tables into input compatible with the...
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