Man pages for guokai8/seq2Fun
Annotate sequences with KEGG pathways

blast_helpPrint the help function
dot-find.toolsfind excute blast or diamond
dot-get.spe.codefind the species code for kegg
dot-makeblastdbmakeblastdb command
dot-makediamonddbdiamond makedb command
dot-vsplitsplit vector into chunk with provide length
get.kegg.codeExtract kegg code
get.kegg.entrycollect all the pathway name of species from KEGG
keggGetmFunction modified from KEGGREST
listspecieslist organism names
makeblastdbmake blast database
preparedbPrepare pathway sequences database from KEGG
runblastrun blast analysis
rundiamondrun dimond blast analysis
seq2funBlast search against kegg database
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