Man pages for hardmanko/CMBBHT
Cell Means Based Bayesian Hypothesis Tests

create_EPA_intervalTFCreate Encompassing Prior Interval Test Function
getEffectParametersCalculate Effect Parameter Matrix
getPartialFilledSGet Part of S, Filled with Implicit Parameters
groupEffectParametersGroup Indistinguishable Effect Parameters
isDesignFullyCrossedDetermine Whether Factorial Design is Fully Crossed
plotEffectParameterSummaryPlot Effects Parameter Summary
summarizeEffectParametersSummary Statistics of Effect Parameters
testFunction_EPATest Function: Encompassing Prior
testFunction_SDDRTest Function: Savage-Dickey Density Ratio
testHypothesesTest Multiple Hypotheses
testHypothesisPerform Hypothesis Test from Cell Means
testInterceptTest the Value of the Intercept
valueTest_SDDRTest Specific Parameter Value
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