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Interact with github rscripts Project


The github rscripts project at contains R scripts that are primarily analysis templates for teaching with RStudio. This function allows the user to print an organized list of available scripts, to download a script and source() it into the current session (the default), to download a script and load it into an RStudio script editor window, to list scripts whose major category contains a given string (ignoring case), or to list all major and minor categories. If options(localHfiles=TRUE) the scripts are read from local directory ~/R/rscripts instead of from github.


getRs(file=NULL, guser='harrelfe', grepo='rscripts', gdir='raw/master',
      dir=NULL, browse=c('local', 'browser'), cats=FALSE,
      put=c('source', 'rstudio'))



a character string containing a script file name. Omit file to obtain a list of available scripts with major and minor categories.


GitHub user name, default is 'harrelfe'


Github repository name, default is 'rscripts'


Github directory under which to find retrievable files


directory under grepo in which to find files


When showing the rscripts contents directory, the default is to list in tabular form in the console. Specify browse='browser' to open the online contents in a web browser.


Leave at the default (FALSE) to list whole contents or download a script. Specify cats=TRUE to list major and minor categories available. Specify a character string to list all scripts whose major category contains the string (ignoring case).


Leave at the default ('source') to source() the file. This is useful when the file just defines a function you want to use in the session. Use load put='rstudio' to load the file into the RStudio script editor window using the rstudioapi navigateToFile function. If RStudio is not running, file.edit() is used instead.


a data frame or list, depending on arguments


Frank Harrell and Cole Beck

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## Not run: 
getRs()             # list available scripts
scripts <- getRs()  # likewise, but store in an object that can easily
                    # be viewed on demand in RStudio
getRs('introda.r')  # download introda.r and put in script editor
getRs(cats=TRUE)    # list available major and minor categories
categories <- getRs(cats=TRUE)
# likewise but store results in a list for later viewing
getRs(cats='reg')   # list all scripts in a major category containing 'reg'
getRs('importREDCap.r')   # source() to define a function
# source() a new version of the Hmisc package's cut2 function:
getRs('cut2.s', grepo='Hmisc', dir='R')

## End(Not run)

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