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Special Version of legend for R


rlegend is a version of legend for R that implements plot=FALSE, adds grid=TRUE, and defaults lty, lwd, pch to NULL and checks for length>0 rather than missing(), so it's easier to deal with non-applicable parameters. But when grid is in effect, the preferred function to use is rlegendg, which calls the lattice draw.key function.


rlegend(x, y, legend, fill, col = "black", lty = NULL, lwd = NULL,
        pch = NULL, angle = NULL, density = NULL, bty = "o",
        bg = par("bg"), pt.bg = NA, cex = 1, xjust = 0, yjust = 1,
        x.intersp = 1, y.intersp = 1, adj = 0, text.width = NULL,
        merge = do.lines && has.pch, trace = FALSE, ncol = 1,
        horiz = FALSE, plot = TRUE, grid = FALSE, ...)

rlegendg(x, y, legend, col=pr$col[1], lty=NULL,
         lwd=NULL, pch=NULL, cex=pr$cex[1], other=NULL) 


x, y, legend, fill, col, lty, lwd, pch, angle, density, bty, bg, pt.bg, cex, xjust, yjust, x.intersp, y.intersp, adj, text.width, merge, trace, ncol, horiz

see legend


set to FALSE to suppress drawing the legend. This is used the compute the size needed for when the legend is drawn with a later call to rlegend.


set to TRUE if the grid package is in effect


see legend


a list containing other arguments to pass to draw.key. See the help file for xyplot.


a list with elements rect and text. rect has elements w, h, left, top with size/position information.


Frank Harrell and R-Core

See Also

legend, draw.key, xyplot

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