Man pages for helske/seqHMM
Hidden Markov Models for Life Sequences and Other Multivariate, Multichannel Categorical Time Series

biofam3cThree-channel biofam data
build_hmmBuild a Hidden Markov Model
build_lcmBuild a Latent Class Model
build_mhmmBuild a Mixture Hidden Markov Model
build_mmBuild a Markov Model
build_mmmBuild a Mixture Markov Model
colorpaletteColor palettes
estimate_coefEstimate Regression Coefficients of Mixture Hidden Markov...
fit_modelEstimate Parameters of (Mixture) Hidden Markov Models and...
forward_backwardForward and Backward Probabilities for Hidden Markov Model
gridplotPlot Multidimensional Sequence Plots in a Grid
hidden_pathsMost Probable Paths of Hidden States
hmm_biofamHidden Markov model for the biofam data
hmm_mvadHidden Markov model for the mvad data
logLik.hmmLog-likelihood of the Hidden Markov Model
logLik.mhmmLog-likelihood of the Mixture Hidden Markov Model
mc_to_scTransform a Multichannel Hidden Markov Model into a Single...
mc_to_sc_dataMerge Multiple Sequence Objects into One (from Multichannel...
mhmm_biofamMixture hidden Markov model for the biofam data
mhmm_mvadMixture hidden Markov model for the mvad data
mssplotInteractive Stacked Plots of Multichannel Sequences and/or...
plot_colorsPlot Colorpalettes
plot.hmmPlot hidden Markov models
plot.mhmmInteractive Plotting for Mixed Hidden Markov Model (mhmm)
plot.sspStack Multichannel Sequence Plots and/or Most Probable Paths...
posterior_probsPosterior Probabilities for (Mixture) Hidden Markov Models
printPrint Method for a Hidden Markov Model
separate_mhmmReorganize a mixture hidden Markov model to a list of...
seqHMMThe seqHMM package
seqHMM-deprecatedDeprecated function(s) in the seqHMM package
simulate_hmmSimulate hidden Markov models
simulate_mhmmSimulate Mixture Hidden Markov Models
simulate_parsSimulate Parameters of Hidden Markov Models
sspDefine Arguments for Plotting Multichannel Sequences and/or...
ssplotStacked Plots of Multichannel Sequences and/or Most Probable...
summary.mhmmSummary method for mixture hidden Markov models
TraMineR_importsImported Functions from 'TraMineR'
trim_modelTrim Small Probabilities of Hidden Markov Model
vcov.mhmmVariance-Covariance Matrix for Coefficients of Covariates of...
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