Man pages for hemberg-lab/FastSC3
Fast Single-Cell Consensus Clustering

calc_fjltCalculate the FJLT transform
constr_DConstruct the D matrix for the FJLT transform
constr_HConstruct the H (Hadamard) matrix for the FJLT transform
constr_PConstruct the P matrix for the FJLT transform
FastSC3-packageA short title line describing what the package does
FJLTFast-Johnson-Lindenstrauss-Transform (FJLT)
fsc3_calc_eigenv.SCESetCalculate eigenvectors of the transformed distance matrix.
fsc3_calc_transfs.SCESetCalculate transformations of the distance matrices.
fsc3_fjlt.SCESetFast-Johnson-Lindenstrauss-Transform (FJLT)
fsc3_get_buckets_med_exprsCalculate median feature expression in every bucket
fsc3_get_buckets.SCESetDefine buckets of cells based on their signatures
fsc3_get_buckets_signatures.SCESetCalculate average bucket signatures
fsc3_get_clusters.SCESetReindex cell buckets based on the merged buckets results
fsc3_get_features.SCESetDefine a set of genes used for creating cell binary...
fsc3_get_signatures_fjlt.SCESetCreate a binary signature for each cell
fsc3_get_signatures.SCESetCreate a binary signature for each cell
fsc3_norm_kernel.SCESetCalculate doubly-stochastic approximation of the PSD matrix
fsc3_select_repr_cells.SCESetReduce the original dataset by using cell buckets
ftransformationDistance matrix transformation
pad_matrix_with_zerosCalculate the FJLT transform
plot_sankeyPlot Sankey diagram comparing two clusterings
random_forestRun random forest prediction
ssNystromCalculate approximate eigenvectors
support_vector_machinesRun support vector machines ('SVM') prediction
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