Man pages for hfgolino/EGA
Exploratory Graph Analysis: Estimating the number of dimensions in psychological data

bootEGAInvestigates the stability of EGA's estimation via bootstrap.
CFAFrom the EGA's structure to CFA.
dynamic.plotDynamic Plot method for EGA objects.
EGAApply the Exploratory Graph Analysis technique
itemConfirmPlot the replicability of EGA item-wise.
ndimEstimates the number of dimensions (for simulation studies,...
plot.bootEGAPlot method for bootEGA objects.
plot.CFAPlot method for CFA objects.
plot.EGAPlot method for EGA objects.
print.EGAPrint method for EGA objects.
shuffleEstimating the number of dimensions for n datasets with...
subsamplesApplying EGA to n random subsamples.
summary.CFASummary method for CFA objects.
summary.EGASummary method for EGA objects.
surrogateSurrogate analysis for EGA.
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