Man pages for hlweeks/pkpredict
Compartment Model Implementation for Pharmacokinetic Analysis

confint.micConfidence intervals for ftMIC statistic
fdGradFinite-difference gradient
ivt_toListConvert infusion schedule characteristics to list format
log_likelihoodLog-likelihood for PK parameters
log_posteriorLog-posterior for PK parameters
log_priorLog-prior for pharmacokinetic parameters
metropolisFunctions needed for MH and MCMC, currently NOT exported.
mic_statTime Above Pharmacokinetic Threshold
pk_basic_solutionTwo-compartment model solution
pkmPosterior concentration estimates
pk_solutionPK solution over dosing cycle
plot.pkmPlot method for PK model
predict.pkmPredict method for PK model
shiny_pkmShiny application for pharmacokinetic prediction model
unit_conversionUnit conversion
update.pkmUpdate method for PK model
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