Man pages for hochwagenlab/hwglabr2
Collection of R functions used in the Hochwagen Lab

average_chr_signalAverage signal genome-wide and on each chromosome
binned_functionApply function to bins of a numerical variable defined along...
compress_signal_trackAverage signal variable over specified position windows
elapsed_timeReturn elapsed time
facs_density_plot2FACS density plot
get_chr_coordinatesGet chromosome coordinates
get_dsb_hotspotsGet DSB hotspots
get_gffGet GFF
get_intergenic_regionsGet intergenic regions
get_Red1_summitsGet Red1 ChIP-seq summits in WT
import_bedGraphImport bedGraph file
import_wiggleImport wiggle data generated by the lab's ChIP-seq analysis...
opening_act2Standard analysis of ChIP-seq experiments
opening_act2_batch_runBatch run of 'opening_act2' function
signal_at_orf2Signal at all ORFs genome-wide normalized to constant length...
signal_flanking_rDNASignal flanking rDNA
signal_from_telomeres2Collect signal from telomeres for all chromosome arms
signal_mean_and_ciMean, SD, SEM, and confidence interval
signal_track_correlationCompute correlation between signal track data for two samples
spikein_normalization_factorCompute spike-in normalization factor
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