Man pages for holgerman/HT12ProcessoR
Preprocessing Illuminas HT12 v4 data

calcInitialPCAInitial PCA of attributes from sample files originatting from...
checkBatchEffectsIdentify remaining batch effects in expression data
checkExtractChipsamplesCheck Illumina HT12v4 expression data
comparePCBeforeAfterPreProVisualize PCA before and after preprocessing expression...
createExpressionSetCreate an expressionset from Illumina HT12v4 data
createTextForMethodsCreate Text for Material and Methods to report preprocessing
filter4MinBatchsizeFilter samples of a HT12prepro object for min batch size n>1
filterAtypicalExpressedFilter samples with atypical expressoin data
filterLowExpressedFilter samples with atypical number of expressed genes and...
filterTechnicallyFailedIdentify and filter samples with unusual combination of...
helloHello, World!
hhShow first rows and columns
htShow first and last rows
removeBatchEffectsRemove Batch effects from expressoin data of a HT12prepro...
transformNormalizeHT12objectNormalize and transform expression sets included in a...
visualizePreprocessingVisualize expression data before and after preprocessing
writeFilesTosentWrites File used for follow up analyses in a folder
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