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actel 0.1.2

Fixes: * Fix mechanisms that deal with unknown receivers * Edge arrays are now recognized if sections are provided * The columns "Backwards.movements" and "Backwards.movements" now display correct values * Prevent crash if inactive.warning is set but inactive.error is left null (applicable for speed checks as well) * Prevent crash when calculating multi-way efficiency estimations for fish that jumped at release * Prevent crash during residency analysis if a fish had more than one detection but all at the exact same time * Prevent crash when loading empty detection files * Display correct event numbers and names when speed warnings are triggered

Changes: * 'maximum.time' has been renamed to 'max.interval' * '' has been renamed to 'tz' * 'start.timestamp' has been renamed to 'start.time' * 'end.timestamp' has been renamed to 'stop.time' * After a transition period, actel function has been removed * 'cautious.assignment' has been removed from the migration analysis * Analysis run with 'override' are no longer saved with a "_corrected" appendix

Enhancements: * 'tz' is now checked against the output of OlsonNames to ensure a valid time zone is entered. * messages and warnings are now printed using message and warning * Stop if any of the input files has duplicated column names * Warn user if success.arrays is not defined in migration * 'minimum.detections' is now available in all functions. * 'override' is now available in all functions, and allows the user to directly invalidate specific events. * 'Detections' column in the object status.df (migration analysis) has been split into 'Valid.detections' and 'Invalid.detections'. * Package-level documentation has been implemented (can be found using ?actel). * explore, migration and residency documentation has been expanded. * Force all individual residency plots to include all used locations in the caption, to ensure locations always show up with the same colour. * Stations are now grouped by array in the individual plots, following the array order provided either by the spatial.csv file or the spatial.txt file. * Improved links between the report plots and the R objects by naming the objects containing the data used in the plots.

actel 0.1.1

Fixes: * Make checkInactiveness start counting time in the right event. * Remove spaces in bio's release sites before matching with stations' standard names.

Enhancements: * explore(), migration() and residency() now output auxiliary information for the upcoming RSP functions.

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