Man pages for hxin/topOnto
ontology enrichment analysis

annFUNFunctions which map gene identifiers to GO terms
classicCount-classClass "classicCount"
classicExpr-classClass "classicExpr"
classicScore-classClass "classicScore"
dagFunctionsUtility functions to work with Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG)
diagnosticMethodsDiagnostic functions for topONTdata and topGOresult objects.
elimCount-classClasses "elimCount" and "weight01Count"
elimExpr-classClass "elimExpr"
elimScore-classClasses "elimScore" and "weight01Score"
getPvaluesConvenient function to compute p-values from a gene...
getSigGroupsInterfaces for running the enrichment tests
GOTestsGene set tests statistics
groupStats-classClass "groupStats"
inducedGraphThe subgraph induced by a set of nodes.
initinit methods
ONTdataA toy example of a list of gene identifiers and their...
parentChild-classClasses "parentChild" and "pC"
printGraph-methodsVisualisation functions
topGOdata-classClass "topGOdata"
topGOresult-classClass "topGOresult"
topONTdata-classClass "topONTdata"
topOnto-packageEnrichment analysis for Gene Ontology
topONTresult-classClass "topGOresult"
weightCount-classClass "weightCount"
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