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microclimate modelling with R

aerial_imageA 1 m resolution aerial image.
airmasscoefCalculates the airmass coefficient
albedoCalculates surface albedo
albedo2Partitions surface albedo between ground and canopy albedo
albedo_adjustAdjusts albedo to correct for image brightness and contrast
albedo_reflectedCalculates the mean albedo of surfaces surrounding each...
arraysplineApplies a spline function to an array of values
basindelinDelineates hydrological basins
basindelin_bigDelineates hydrological basins for large datasets
basinmergeMerges adjoining basins
basins100mA raster of basins numbered as integers
basinsortOrders drainage basins by elevation
cadconditionsCalculates whether conditions are right for cold air drainage
canopyCalculates canopy cover
cfcA 0.05º resolution dataset of hourly fractional cloud cover
coastalNCEPCalculates coastal effects from NCEP data
coastalTpsCalculates coastal effects using thin-plate spline
dailyprecipNCEPObtain daily precipitation from NCEP
demworldA 2.5º resolution dataset of elevations
difpropCalculates the diffuse fraction from incoming shortwave...
difradA 0.05º resolution dataset of hourly diffuse radiation
dniradA 0.05º resolution dataset of hourly direct radiation normal...
dot-basincharsInternal function used by basinmerge
dot-bvarsremInternal function used by basinmerge
dot-cadconditions2Cold air drainage direct from emissivity
dot-difprop2Calculates the diffuse fraction from incoming shortwave...
dot-emissivitycalculates emsisivity from humidity etc
dot-fitsoilDerives parameters for fitting soil temperatures
dot-flowdirInternal function used to calculate flow direction
dot-get_sstDownloads sea-surface temperature data
dot-hgttongbrInternal funcion to calculate whether neighbouring cell is...
dot-integertobinary8Internal funcion to convert integer to binary
dot-invls.autoCalculates coastal exposure automatically
dot-micro_ncep2Temporary NMR Function
dot-onebasin_mergeInternal function to merge single basin
dot-pointradwindget radiation and wind for use with NicheMapR
dot-propmaxradderived proportion of maximum radiation
dot-shortwave.tsget shortwave radiation (time series)
dot-solardayderived fraction of solar day
dot-updownInternal funcion to check whether neighbouring cell is higher...
dtm100mA 100 m resolution raster object of elevation for the Lizard...
dtm1kmA 1 km resolution raster object of elevation for the Lizard...
dtm1mA 1 m resolution raster object of elevation for part of the...
dtrA 1 km resolution dataset of diurnal temperature ranges
fitmicroFits micro- or mesoclimate model
flowaccCalculates accumulated flow
get_demGets raster of elevations
get_NCEPObtains NCEP data required to run microclima
globalclimateA dataset of global climate variables
habitatsA table of habitat types
horizonangleCalculates the tangent of the horizon angle
hourlyNCEPInterpolate NCEP data for running microclima to hourly
hourlytempDerives hourly temperatures from daily data
humidityconvertConverts between different measures of humidity
hussA 1 km resolution dataset of interpolated daily specific...
if_rasterFlexible conversion to raster object
invlsCalculates land to sea ratio in upwind direction
is_rasterChecks whether object is a raster and returns a matrix if yes
juldayCalculates the astronomical Julian day
laiCalculates Leaf Area Index
lai_adjustCalculates Leaf Area Index for specified height above ground
laifromhabitatDerives leaf area index, leaf geometry and canopy height from...
landsearatiosInverse-distance weighted land-sea ratios in 36 directions
lapserateCalculates the moist adiabatic lapse rate
latlongfromrasterDerives latitude and longitude of centre of raster object
leaf_geometryCalculates leaf orientation
longwavetopocalculates net longwave radiation above canopy
longwavevegCalculates net longwave radiation below canopy
mean_slopeCalculates the mean slope to the horizon
mesofitdata2010 Data for fitting mesoclimate model.
microclimaforNMRExtract NCEP data and run microclima for use with NicheMapR
microfitdataMay 2010 Data for fitting microclimate model.
microvarsClimate variables for May 2010.
modisA ~500 m resolution dataset of MODIS-derived albedo values
netlong100mA 100 m resolution matrix of net longwave radiation
netlong1mA one metre resolution matrix of net longwave radiation
netshort100mA 100 metre resolution matrix of net shortwave radiation
netshort1mA one metre resolution matrix of net shortwave radiation
pcadCalculates cold air drainage potential
presA 1 km resolution dataset of interpolated daily sea-level...
runauto.ncepFunction for automatically generating microclimate surfaces...
runmicroRuns micro- or mesoclimate model
shortwavetopoDownscales shortwave radiation accounting for topographic...
shortwavevegDownscales net shortwave radiation accounting for topography...
siflatCalculates the solar index for a flat surface
skyviewtopocalculates the proportion of sky in view
skyviewvegCalculates a sky view correction factor underneath vegetation
solaltCalculates the solar altitude
solarindexCalculates the solar index
solartimeCalculates the solar time
solaziCalculates the solar azimuth
suntimesCalculates sunrise, sunset and daylength
tasA 1km resolution dataset of daily sea-level temperature
temp100A 100 m resolution array of hourly reference temperatures.
veg_hgtA 1 m resolution raster object of vegetation height.
wind1mA one metre resolution matrix of windspeed
wind2010Six-hourly wind speed at 10 m for 2010.
windcoefCalculates wind shelter coefficient
windheightApplies height correction to wind speed measurements
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