Man pages for inspktrgadget/gadgetSim
Create Gadget replicates for use in simulation studies

add_lengthgroupsAdd length groups to Gadget StockStdPrinter output
add_survey_fleetSimple function to add survey fleets to existing fleet
as_quoted_Convert input to quoted variables
call_gadgetCall Gadget executable on the command line
check_namesLogical test to see if name(s) are in an object
check_stockfileCheck components of a Gadget stockfile that is being read
check_stockfile_funsCheck various entries when making a stockfile using...
collapseCollapse objects and vectors so they are ready to be written...
def_labsSome default labels
dots2listCheck if '...' is a list or a number of named objects and...
fleet_defaultsFleet Defaults
format_printfileFormat printfile component for writing to printfile
format_stockfileFormat an object of class 'gadget_stock' to prepare for...
f_valuesCompute various fishing mortality reference point
gadget_defaultsGadget defaults
gadget_likelihood_compsCreate various Gadget likelihood components
gadgetSimgadgetSim: A package for creating simulated datasets from...
gadget_sub_dirWrite out a Gadget sub-directory and return the path to it
get_indexGet the index of obect(s) in a vector
get_pf_typeFormat the class of a printfile component to look like that...
get_si_dataStrip survey samples for the desired length or age groups to...
get_stock_infoFunctions to retrieve basic information about Gadget stocks
get_stock_stdMake and retrieve output from the StockStdPrinter printfile...
gf2listConvert a Gadget file to a list of components based on a...
growth_fun_formulasProduce growth functions in a gadget readable formula
growth_funsBasic functions for growth curves
is_list_element_nullCheck to see if elements of a list are null
likelihood_helper_funsGadget likelihood helper functions
makeAggfileHelpersFunctions to make the area, age, length, predator, and prey...
make_aggfilesMake aggregation files for Gadget printfile components that...
make_gadget_areafileMake Gadget areafile
make_gadget_fleetCreate a list of class "gadget_fleet" that can be used to...
make_gadget_likelihoodCreate a Gadget likelihood file
make_gadget_mainfileCreate a list of class "gadget_main"
make_gadget_modelAssemble an entire Gadget model with a single function
make_gadget_optinfofileCreate a Gadget optimization info file
make_gadget_printfileMake Gadget printfile and write out to file
make_gadget_spawnfileCreate a list of class "gadget_spawnfile" that can be used to...
make_gadget_stockfileMake Gadget stockfile
make_gadget_strayfileCreate a list of class 'gadget_strayfile' to add to a Gadget...
make_gadget_timefileMake Gadget timefile
make_list_at_indexSplit a vector into a list based on indices
make_switchesTurn any character vector into a Gadget switch
migration_funsHelper functions to create and format migration matrices
paramsCreate a data.frame of class "gadget_params"
path_dir_funsChecking path and directory status
printfileArgsNon-optional arguments to Gadget printfile components
printfileDefaultsGadget print file defaults
printfile_name_checkCheck the names of a printfile component to ensure all...
read_gadget_aux_filesRead auxiliary Gadget files (i.e. data files, aggfiles,...
read_gadget_fleetRead Gadget fleet file
read_gadget_likelihoodRead Gadget likelihood file
read_gadget_mainRead Gadget mainfile
read_gadget_modelRead a Gadget model
read_gadget_stockfilesRead Gadget stockfiles
read_gadget_stock_stdRead the output from a StockStdPrinter printfile component
read_time_areaRead Gadget timefile
recruit_formulasProduce recruitment functions in a Gadget readable formula
recruit_funsBasic functions for recruitment curves
rg_class_compatibilityConvert classes of Rgadget and gadgetSim objects to be...
sample_gadgetCreate length distributions and sample Gadget output
selectivitySelectivity functions
simpleCapSimple function to capitalize all words of a character vector
simulate_gadgetCreate and get output from Gadget model in one fell swoop
split_Split and unlist a character vector
stock_distribution_funsFunctions to produce initial conditions or renewal...
strip_commentsStrip comments from a character vector
suit_formulasFunctions to assemble suitability function lines for writing...
switchesSwitch defaults
to_gadget_formulaTurn R expression into Gadget formula string
update_modelUpdate components of an object of class "gadget_model"
update_printfileAccess elements of default printfiles and update them
update_printfile_dirsUpdate path for printfile and aggfiles to include directories...
us2dotReplace an underscore with a period
write_aggfilesWrite aggfiles specific to certain Gadget components
write_attrFunctions to write attributes of Gadget components to file
write_gadget_fileWrite Gadget components to file
write_gadget_modelWrite an object of class 'gadget_model' to the respective...
yield_curvesCompute various per-recruit analyses
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