Man pages for insysbio/dbs-package
Accessory R functions to support DBSolveOptimum

calccbCalculation of confidence bands
calcopCalculate interpolation for optimal values
C.from.slvCreate .C code from ruSlv object
clean.commentsClean C-style text
dbs-packageAccessory functions to support DBSolveOptimum
hessian2statFunctions for calculating statistical characteristics from...
nan.plotPlot all points including infinite
parsetgenFunctions for DBSolveOptimum to generate parameters and...
rct.from.slvCreate .RCT from ruSlv
read.datImport .DAT files
read.listRead, write and check object of ruList format
read.slvImport .SLV files to R
replacePowReplacing ^ to Pow
replacePowlistFunction for replacing ^'s to pow inside the list
signupUp- and down- rounding
write.delimData output with tab delimiters
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