API for ipb-halle/GoldenMutagenesis
A tool to calculate and validate primers for Golden Gate Cloning

Global functions
MSD_BsaI_result_lv2 Man page
MSD_BsaI_setup_lv2 Man page
Point_Mutagenesis_BbsI_result Man page
Point_Mutagenesis_BbsI_setup Man page
base_distribution Man page Source code
calculate_DeltaG Source code
calculate_DeltaH Source code
calculate_DeltaS Source code
calculate_UPAC Source code
calculate_tm Source code
calculate_tm_nnb Man page Source code
check_primer_overhangs Source code
cuf Man page
domesticate Man page Source code
get_cu_table Man page Source code
input_sequence Man page
list_cu_table Man page Source code
make_fragments Source code
mutate_msd Man page Source code
mutate_spm Man page Source code
mutations Man page
order_replacements Man page Source code
primer_add_level Man page Source code
primer_prepare_level Man page Source code
primers Man page
print_primer Man page
print_primer,Extended_Primerset-method Man page
print_primer,Primer-method Man page
print_primer,Primerset-method Man page
recognition_site_bbsi Man page
recognition_site_bsai Man page
remove_newline Source code
sequence_check Source code
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