Man pages for ipb-halle/GoldenMutagenesis
A tool to calculate and validate primers for Golden Gate Cloning

base_distributionCreate a graphical evaluation of sequencing results
calculate_tm_nnbCalculate melting temperature based on next neighbor...
cufThe Codon Usage Table which is being used to select the codon...
domesticateDomestication of the input sequence
get_cu_tableSelect a Codon Usage Table
input_sequenceThe sequence which should be modified. This is an object of...
list_cu_tableList the available Codon Usage Tables
MSD_BsaI_result_lv2Designed primers for Multiple Site Directed Mutagenesis
MSD_BsaI_setup_lv2Basic setup for Multiple Site Directed Mutagenesis
mutate_msdCalculate Primers for Multiple Site Saturation Mutagenesis
mutate_spmCalculate Primers for Point Mutagenesis
mutationsThe desired mutations
order_replacementsOrder the replacement list
Point_Mutagenesis_BbsI_resultDesigned primers for Point Mutagenesis
Point_Mutagenesis_BbsI_setupBasic setup for Point Mutagenesis
primer_add_levelAdd a level to exisiting Primerset
primer_prepare_levelPrepare a Single Point Mutation Primerset to be used in Level...
primersGenerated Primers From Multiple Site Directed Mutagenesis or...
print_primer-methodsA function to generate an output text for primers
recognition_site_bbsiThe BbsI recognition site
recognition_site_bsaiThe BsaI recognition site
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