Man pages for jameshay218/mcmcJH
Generic random walk MCMC algorithm for parameter inference

condense.dataCondenses a table of data to provide mean and standard... data from the same times points into mean values
create_polygonsPolygon for prediction intervals
generate_prediction_intervals_1.1Prediction interval generating function
generate_prediction_intervals_1.2Second tier function for generating prediction intervals from...
generate_prior_dataGenerates data for prior density plots
likelihood_normNormally distributed errors likelihood function
likelihood_observationObservation error only function
likelihood_poissonPoisson distributed errors likelihood function
load_param_tableParameter table loading function
logisticLogistic function
logitLogit function
mcmc_all_plots_multiPlot all MCMC density and iteration plots
mcmc_all_plots_singlePlot all MCMC density and iteration plots with a single chain
mcmc_density_multiIndividual MCMC density plots with multiple chains
mcmc_density_singleIndividual MCMC density plots for a single chain
mcmc_diagnosticsMCMC diagnostic tests
MCMC_fit_1.1First level wrapper function for the MCMC algorithm.
MCMC_fit_1.2Second level wrapper for the MCMC fitting procedure. HIGHEST,...
MCMC_fit_singleBottom level MCMC wrapper function
mcmc_iter_multiIndividual MCMC iteration plots with multiple chains
mcmc_iter_singleIndividual MCMC iter plots for a single chain
MCMC_mainMain MCMC wrapper function
mcmc_param_checkMCMC parameter table check
optifixFixed parameter optimisation
pad_listsPads lists of different sizes
param_checkModel parameter table check
plot_model_fitsModel plotting function
posterior1Posterior function
predict.titre.fastBasic ferret model function model function with lower bounded titres
predict.titre.OLDOld titre prediction function
predict_titre_universal_mFerret model function with a universal waning parameter, m
predict_titre_universal_m_2Ferret model function with lower bounded titres and a...
priorCalculates and sums priors for posterior
prior_wrapperPrior wrapper function
proposalfunction1MCMC proposal function
rand.paramsRandom parameter generator
remove_zero_dataRemove zero value groups
restrain_boundsRestrains values in a data frame by the given bounds
run_metropolis_MCMCAdaptive Metropolis-within-Gibbs Random Walk Algorithm.
scaletuning1Scale step sizes
titre_modelODE for ferret model
transform_logisticCustom logistic transformation
transform_logitCustom logit transform
transform_params_logisticParameter logistic/exp transform function
transform_params_logisticOLDOLD transform parameters to logistic
transform_params_logitParameter logit/log transform function
transform_params_logitOLDOLD transform parameters to logit
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