Man pages for januarharianto/respR
Analyse, Convert, and Automate Respirometry-Related Data

adjust_rateSimple rate adjustment function (background or oxygen flux)
adjust_scaleConvert between multipliers of the same unit, e.g. mg to kg
auto_rateAutomatically determine rate of change in oxygen...
broken_stickPerform broken-stick regressions
calc_rateCalculate rate of change in oxygen over time
calc_rate.bgCalculate background respiration rates
calc_rate.ftCalculate rate of change in oxygen in flowthrough...
calc_windowCalculate rolling window size for rolling regression
convert_DOConvert units of dissolved oxygen.
convert_rateConvert rate value to volumetric and/or mass-specific
extract_indicesExtract row, time and DO indices from a subset dataframe
flowthrough.rdFlowthrough respirometry data on the chiton, _Mopalia...
format_timeParse date-time data to numeric
generate_mrdfGenerate a DO ~ PO2 data table from a DO timeseries
grapes-greater-than-grapesPipe graphics
import_fileImport from sensor output file
inspectCheck for common errors in respirometry data
inspect_dataCheck for common errors in respirometry data
intermittent.rdRespirometry data of the sea urchin, _Heliocidaris...
kde_fitKernel density estimation and fitting
linear_fitPerform a linear regression on a data frame
pcritCalculate critical oxygen tension, P[crit]
plot.test_linPlot output of 'test_lin()'
rolling_regRolling regression
sardine.rdRespirometry data of the sardine, _Sardinops sagax_
selectSelect columns
sim_dataRandomly generate data for internal testing of 'auto_rate()"s...
squid.rdRespirometry data of the squid, _Doryteuthis opalescens_,...
static_rollNormal rolling regression
subsampleSubsample a data frame object
subset_dataTruncate a data frame to create a subset of the data
test_linPerform 'auto_rate()' iteratively and extract performance...
test_lin_dataOutput objects for the function 'test_lin()'
time_lmSubset data by time and perform a linear regression.
time_rollPerform time-width rolling regression
unit_argsPrint examples of unit arguments for use in 'convert_DO()'...
urchins.rdMulti-column respirometry data of the sea urchin,...
verify_unitsCheck unit string against a known database
zeb_intermittent.rdRespirometry data of a zebrafish, _Danio rerio_
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