import_file: Import from sensor output file

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Automatically read and clean data from sensor output. The aim is to work with most commercial DO sensors available in the market with little input from the user. This is done by performing simple regular expressions to identify the file source by extracting the first line of the file and matching unique strings. It's a simple procedure for now, but once we have a large database of files we will optimise the code.


import_file(path, export = FALSE)



string. Path to file.


logical. If TRUE, saves the file in the same directory, determined by the path parameter above.


Currently works for: Firesting Logger | Pyro Oxygen Logger (also Firesting) | PRESENS OXY10 | PRESENS (generic) | MiniDOT | Loligo Witrox Logger | Loligo AutoResp (software output)

While the devices listed above are supported, the import functionality may not be complete due to limited access to output files. This will improve over time as users provide feedback. We are releasing this as it is, without any warranty, so that some people can still benefit from the functionality as it gets better. Users should still be expected to be able to import data by themselves since it is a fundamental skill in R.


a data frame object of time (absolute)



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