Man pages for jasenfinch/metaboMisc
Miscellaneous Functions for Metabolomics Analyses

addAssignmentsAdd molecular formula assignments
convertSampleInfoConvert sample information to a workflow compatible format
detectBatchDiffDetect batch/block differences
detectMissInjectionsDetect miss injections
detectModellingParametersDetect modelling parameters
detectPretreatmentParametersDetect pre-treatment parameters
exportExport results
exportCSVExport a csv
featureSummarySummarise features
plotRSDPlot relative standard deviation (RSD) distributions
preTreatModesPre-treatment of multiple ionisation modes
reduceReduce an analysis by removing isotopic, adduct or unknown...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sanitiseTableSanitise a data table
suitableParallelPlanGenerate a suitable parallel processing plan
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