Man pages for jasondubois/sportfish
Methods and Function for CDFW Sportfish Unit Data

AgeEachAssign age to each fish based on extant age-length data.
ALKPrecisionAssess Precison of Age-Length Key Using Different Sampling...
ApplyStuRecapConveniently Apply 'StuRecap' Methods.
AxisFormatCustomize Axis Tick Labels
BackCalcLengthUses Dahl-Lea method to back-calculate length at age.
CatchCutoffMatrixCreate Annual (or Sampling Year) Length Cutoff Matrix.
CatchLengthCutoffCreate Length Cutoff for White Sturgeon Catch.
ChapmanRobsonCalculates survival rate given age frequency.
ConvertLengthConverts Total Length to Fork Length or Fork Length to Total...
CountNetsCounts Fyke Traps or Gill Nets Fished During Desired Period.
CountRecapCount Tag Recaptures For Each Release Year.
DescStatCalculates descriptive statistics of 'x'.
EffortSbCalculates Fishing Effort for Striped Bass Fyke Traps & Gill...
EffortStuCalculates Fishing Effort for Sturgeon Trammel Nets.
ExploitationCalculcates adjusted exploitation rate mu\prime.
FitVBGMFits von Bertalanffy growth model (VBGM) using 'stats::nls'.
FlagTowsA "Where Clause" or Filter for Bay Study Tows.
FrequencyCreate a frequency distribution of 'x' by 'binWidth'.
GetStuRecapRetrieve Dataframe of Sturgeon Tag Recaptures.
GetVBGMCreate Function to Apply von Bertalanffy Growth Model (VBGM).
GroupYearExtract 4-digit Year Based on Starting Month.
HoursSbCalculates Fishing Time in Hours.
LengthGroupAssign Each Fish to Length Group.
lkp_striperLook-up Table for Striped Bass Mark-Recapture Data.
lkp_sturgeonLook-up Table for Sturgeon Mark-Recapture Data.
MakeALKeyMake an age-length key with lengths as rows and ages as...
PanelCorrAdd Correlation and Smoother to 'graphics::pairs()' Plot.
PanelLMAdd Linear Regression (Line & Ouput) to 'graphics::pairs()'...
PetersenEstCalculate Petersen Abundance Estimates.
plot.FrequencyGenerate base R histogram from object of class 'Frequency'.
print.return_yearPrint Method for 'TagRetYear'.
ReadRDSFilesRead All '.rds' Files from a Single Directory.
ReportingRateCalculates angler reporting rate of non-reward tags.
SexRatioCalculate Count and Proportion of Male to Female
SplitCreate List Column for Analytics.
StuRecapGet Sturgeon Recapture Summary Data.
TagCountGet Tag Count.
TagRetYearCalculate Return Year for Angler Tag Returns.
TagSequenceGenerate Sequence and Count of Tags (marks).
TimeDiffStuCalculates Fishing Times of Sturgeon Trammel Net.
TowMetricCalculate Bay Study Tow Volume or Tow Area.
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