Man pages for jasonelaw/RIVPACS
Fit RIVPACS type models and calculate metrics from RIVPACS predictions

biodiversityCreate a biodiversity data object
buildRIVPACSBuild a RIVPACS model
calculateExpectedCalculate the expected number of species at a site based on a...
calculateNullExpectedCalculate the expected number of species from a null model.
calculateOccurrenceProbProbability of occurrence for each species in each group
calculateRIVPACSMetricsCalculate RIVPACS metrics
castSampleDataCreate a sample by taxa matrix from data in long format
matchTaxaMake the taxa in two different sample * taxa matrices match
predict.rivpacsUse a RIVPACS model to calculate metrics
predictRIVPACSUse a RIVPACS model to calculate metrics
predictSiteGroupPosterior probability of group membership
rarifySubsample samples of organisms to a fixed count
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