Man pages for jasonelaw/nrsa
Calculate metrics for NRSA protocol data.

addWadeSubstrateSizesAdd substrate size variables to wadeable data
allCharToFacTurns all character variables in a data frame to factors or...
calcGradeCalculate the grade from rise and run
calculateAngleMetricsCalculate slope and bearing metrics
calculateBankHardeningCalculates a bank hardening metric for City of Portland use.
calculateBoatableReachLengthCalculates the reach length for a boatable site
calculateBoatAngleMetricsCalculate boat protocol bank angle metrics
calculateBoatNumberWettedWidthCalculate boat protocol number of observed wetted widths
calculateBoatThalwegSubstrateMetricsCalculate non-wadeable substrate metrics
calculateCanopyCoverCalculates Canopy Densiometer metrics
calculateChannelConstraintCalculate the channel constraint metrics
calculateChannelHabitatProportionsCalculate channel habitat metrics
calculateChannelMetricsCalculate channel metrics
calculateChannelMorphologyCalculate channel morphology metrics
calculateDistanceAlongThalwegCalculate distance from sequence of station numbers and...
calculateFishCoverCalculate fish cover metrics
calculateFishIBICalculates Fish IBI
calculateHIWeightedSumsCalculate weighted human influence metrics
calculateHumanInfluenceCalculate human influence metrics
calculateHumanInfluenceSDCalculate human influence standard deviation metrics
calculateInvasiveScoreCalculate total invasive score
calculateLittoralDepthCalculate non-wadeable littoral depth metrics
calculateLWDCountMetricsCalculate LWD metrics
calculateLWDCumulativeMetricsCalculate cumulative LWD metrics
calculateLWDSiteAreaCalculate length of area sampled for LWD
calculateLWDSiteLengthCalculate length of area sampled for LWD
calculatePercentSideChannelProportion of side of reach with side channels.
calculatePoolDetermine which depths in a vector of depths represent pools
calculatePoolMetricsCalculate residual pool metrics
calculateProportionSeeOverBankCalculates the proportion of the reach over which you can see...
calculatePropTranInvPresentCalculates the invasive species metrics.
calculateRefinedCriticalDiameterCalculate several versions of critical diameter: ltest,...
calculateRelativeBedStabilityCalculate relative bed stability metrics.
calculateRiparianVegetationCalculates visible riparian vegetation metrics.
calculateShoreToVegDistanceCalculates summaries of shore to vegetation distance
calculateSideChannelCountCalculates number of side channel transects: 'sidecnt'
calculateS_RP100Not even sure what this modified metric is...
calculateSubstrateEmbedCalculates Substrate Embeddedness metrics...
calculateThalwegDepthMetricsCalculate thalweg depth metrics: xdepth, sddepth, n_d
calculateThalwegRatiosCalculate thalweg width depth ratios
calculateTransectRatiosCalculates metrics of bankfull width to (bankfull height +...
calculateWadeableReachLengthCalculates the reach length for a wadeable site
calculateWadeBankMetricsCalculates wadeable bank metrics
calculateWadeSubstrateMetricsCalculate wadeable substrate metrics
calculateWettedWidthMetricsCalculates wetted width metrics
convertFactorToNumericA shortcut for the common idiom to turn factors back into the...
convertNamedVectorToMetricDFConvert a named vector to a metric data.frame
coordinatesFromTraverseComputes coordinates for a traverse
count.notnaReturns the number of non-missing values in the vector,
fillMissingLWDFill in missing LWD volume.
firstIdentify the first and last elements for each run in a vector
fixBoatableDepthUnitsConvert boatable depth units from m to cm
forceSlopeGt0Make slope slightly positive
formatFishCoverFormat fish cover data for calculations
formatRiparianVegetationFormat Riparian Vegetation data for calculations
getAngleFromDisplacementReturns the angle from the y axis for a vector
getChannelConstraintFormats the channel constraint form data as metrics
getPoolInformationDetermines basic information about a sequence of pools
gmeanCalculate the geometric mean
grapes-and-grapesAn AND operator that returns T for NA & T
identifyIncompleteSitesIdentify incomplete sites
idrInterdecile range
iqrInterquartile range with default type = 2
isSiteSampledDetermines whether a site was sampled from x site validation...
is.subsetIs the set a subset of another set.
joinExtraTransectsJoin extra side channel transects
lagLag a vector
meltMetricsMelts metric data
modalClassDetermines most common classes, based on counts for each...
modalvalueReturn the value which represents the mode
nrsa.optionsSet nrsa package options
nrsa-packageCalculate National Rivers and Streams Assessment metrics.
nWadeableStationsEstimates the intended number of wadeable thalweg stations to...
observedLWDTransectsCalculate number of LWD observed transects
p2pDistanceReturns a vector of point to point distances for a line.
progressReportPrint a progress report
removeSideChannelsRemoves side channels from a data frame
renameHumanInfluenceMetricsRenames metrics for human influence
rescaleMetricsMap fish IBI raw metric scores to rescaled subindex scores
residualDepthResidual depths from a thalweg profile
rowSumsProtectNAProtect rowSums from a row which is all NA; return NA instead... value is the max
WoodClassesDataLWD class metadata
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