cmtkparams2affmat: Compose homogeneous affine matrix from CMTK registration...

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Compose homogeneous affine matrix from CMTK registration parameters


cmtkparams2affmat(params = NULL, tx = 0, ty = 0, tz = 0, rx = 0,
  ry = 0, rz = 0, sx = 1, sy = 1, sz = 1, shx = 0, shy = 0,
  shz = 0, cx = 0, cy = 0, cz = 0, legacy = NA)



5x3 matrix of CMTK registration parameters or list of length 5.

tx, ty, tz

Translation along x, y and z axes (default 0)

rx, ry, rz

Rotation about x, y and z axes (in degrees, default 0)

sx, sy, sz

Scale for x, y and z axes (default 1)

shx, shy, shz

Shear for x,y,z axes (default 0)

cx, cy, cz

Centre for rotation


Whether to assume that parameters are in the format used by CMTK <=2.4.0 (default value NA implies FALSE, see details).


If the legacy parameter is not set explicitly, then it will be set to TRUE if params has a version attribute <2.4 or FALSE otherwise.

translation and centre components are assumed to be in physical coordinates.


4x4 homogeneous affine transformation matrix

See Also

Other cmtk-geometry: affmat2cmtkparams, cmtk.dof2mat, cmtk.mat2dof

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