Man pages for jefferislab/jimpipeline
Package to wrap Jefferis lab image processing / registration pipeline

bunzip2Uncompress a file with bunzip2
convertlsmstonrrdSplit Zeiss LSMs and save each channel to a nrrd
jimpipeline-packagePackage to wrap Jefferis lab image processing pipeline
lsm_metadataExtract the metadata from Zeiss LSM file using loci...
make_lsm_dfMake summary dataframe for lsm files and their key metadata
parse_key_lsm_metadataParse key Zeiss LSM metadata into an R list
quickhashCompute a (quick) hash for some part of the contents of a set...
quickhash.lsmCompute a quick hash for head and tail of a Zeiss LSM...
runFijiMacroRun a Fiji macro
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