Man pages for jeffreyhanson/structurer
Structure Analysis in R

ClumppOptsCreate ClumppOpts object
ClumppOpts-classClumppOpts: An S4 class to represent Structure parameters
delta.k.plotPlot delta-K values
gelman.diagGelman-Rubin diagnostic statistics
lnprobProbability of the model
lnprob.plotPlot estimated Ln probability of data
loci.namesLoci names
loci.subsetSubset loci
logLikNegative Log Likelihood
n.lociNumber of loci
n.popNumber of populations
n.samplesNumber of samples
printPrint objects
read.ClumppReplicatesRead replicate data to file for clumpp
read.StructureDataRead FSTAT data for Structure
read.StructureReplicateRead Structure run
run.single.StructureRun Structure anaylsis for a single MAXPOPS parameter.
run.StructureRun Structure anaylsis
sample.membershipSample membership
sample.namesSample names
sample.subsetSubset samples
showShow objects
StructureAnalysisCreate StructureAnalysis object
StructureAnalysis-classStructureAnalysis: An S4 class to represent inputs and...
StructureCollectionCreate StructureCollection object
StructureCollection-classStructureCollection: An S4 class to represent a collection of...
StructureDataCreate StructureData object
StructureData-classStructureData: An S4 class to represent input data for...
StructureOptsCreate StructureOpts object
StructureOpts-classStructureOpts: An S4 class to represent Structure parameters
StructureReplicateCreate StructureReplicate object
StructureReplicate-classStructureReplicate: An S4 class to results from Structure
StructureResultsCreate StructureResults object
StructureResults-classStructureResults: An S4 class to results from Structure
write.ClumppOptsWrite Clumpp parameters to file
write.ClumppReplicatesWrite replicate data to file for clumpp
write.StructureDataWrite data for Structure
write.StructureOptsWrite Structure parameters to file
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